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You are a professional or amateur sportsperson wanting a speedy route back from injury.

You would like a preventive maintenance programme to keep injuries at bay as you prepare for an event.

You are neither of the above! For various reasons, sports may not be 'your thing' – but you require a relaxing and/or remedial massage treatment, possibly to treat the symptoms caused by repetitive activity ie office working, long hours driving or manual labour.

In all the above cases, a single treatment or a structured programme of treatments can deliver outstanding benefits without recourse to medication or other more expensive therapies. Please see the Treatments section for more information about the various massages that are available at LJSM.

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At LJSM, the philosophy is simple – you are unique and therefore so is the treatment. Please contact me either by phone or by e-mail and I will be happy to talk through your individual requirements.


Depending on the nature of a treatment, notes may be taken to assist in the development of a unique Treatment Plan, and in certain cases a referral may be made to another Health Professional. In all cases, the confidentiality of an individual is sacrosanct and forms an integral part of the philosophy that underpins LJSM.

fht_logo “At LJSM I believe strongly in the individual. We are all different and have many different goals and aspirations, and massage treatment is a uniquely individual therapy, a connection between therapist and client.”